Newspaper clipping from 1966 announcing the firm's founding.

Newspaper clipping from 1966 announcing the firm’s founding.

Founded in 1966, the Basinger Design Group is a full service advertising and design company located in Birmingham, Alabama. We offer a wide range of products and services to companies across the United States such as an industry leader in engineered plumbing and drainage products, one of the most reputable coffee companies in the country and the largest power pole manufacturer in the world.

Jim Basinger, Owner

Jim Basinger Jr., Owner

Listening is our hallmark. We are committed to accomplishing our clients’ advertising and design objectives, measuring our success by our ability to meet their needs. We seek to know everything about the product or service being offered—strengths, challenges, points of difference, and anything that sets our clients apart from the competition. We also want to know the competition’s strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, we want to know the audience. Armed with this information, we can design a product and recommend the communication channels needed to meet the clients’ objectives.

We build relationships. Besides meeting our clients’ objectives, we strive to develop and maintain mutually beneficial working relationships, as we believe this is critical in producing the best work possible. These relationships are built on trust, integrity and commitment to our word. The longstanding relationships we have with our clients, several of which span more than 35 years, are proof that we stand by this promise.

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